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Handling Ideas

Stories explore what it means to be human. They enable audiences to navigate through often complex relationships between characters, conflicts and worlds so that we might get closer to the universal themes in our lives. The "Handling Ideas" systemic approach helps writers lay out these connections so that they resonate with the underlying themes that are to be explored.

It’s visual therapy for you and your cast. He works within film, TV series, documentaries, entertainment formats, XR and interactive media. His starting point can be your one-page synopsis, a treatment or a script. This strong visual approach enables him to work with writers, directors and producers from across six of the seven continents either over ZOOM or in person.

He’ll reveal the drives, dependencies and motives that define the fundamental relationships between characters, contributors or users. He’ll expose the choices each makes, the values on which those choices are made and identify what’s really at stake.

The process helps you to think more clearly about exactly where you and the project are right now and the direction in which you should go.

How can you use the Lego and Playmobile characters to enhance diversity?

Themes are universal, they capture the often paradoxical nature of what it is to be human. Can we truly love if we can’t forgive? Can we move on from the past if we rely on the past to define our future? Stories allow us to explore these universal truths through very specific people in very specific places. By identifying the theme, one can then dive deeper into the specifics of one particular culture, society, location etc. and explore what makes it unique, different and valuable. Whilst we might not recognize the specifics of these people and place we will always identify with the themes that the story plays out. Mapping helps writers to see how the mechanics of their specific story unlocks and explores these universal themes.

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