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Find a collection of tools and resources for integrating diversity in your film and media courses, including filmographies, archives, glossaries, journals etc.

Archives & Online Resources

 Find a list of film archives, journals and online resources here.


Find a selection of films here.

Checklist - How to Start Questioning Your Own Classroom Practices

We want to support educators in film and media courses in their quest for building more  diverse classrooms, curricula and methods. We know this task may seem daunting at times, as it may require years of deconstructing structures of discrimination and is a life-long learning. In order to ease this process, we have put together this introductory checklist for adopting a critical pedagogical approach as a quick way to introduce you to this process or to refresh the knowledge you may already have.

VR productions for diversity and inclusion

Here you can find a list of recent virtual reality and augmented reality productions that tackle diversity and inclusion.


Are you looking for further reading for your curricula? Check out our suggestions.


The language of diversity and inclusion is expansive, ever-changing, and can include specialist terminology that requires a common frame of understanding. On this page you can find examples of different glossaries in the fields of diversity and inclusion, media, and others. These glossaries encompass the different languages present within the team.