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VR productions for diversity and inclusion

Here you can find a list of recent virtual reality and augmented reality productions that tackle diversity and inclusion.

  1. Traveling while Black. Virtual reality documentary, 2019. Dir: Roger Ross Williams. Production by VR for Good (20 minutes)
  2. Another Dream. Hybrid animated documentary and Virtual reality game, 2019. Dir: Tamara Shogalou. Production by: Ado Ato. (19 minutes)  The documentary can be reach on MIT's page
  3. Goliath - Playing with Reality. Animated virtual reality experience, 2021. Dir: Barry Gene Murphy, May Abdalla. Production: Anagram (25 minutes)  You can visit Goliath here
  4. Notes on Blindness. 30 minutes 360 VR video.  Dir: Peter Middleton and James Spinney. Production: Ex Nihilo, ARTE France, Archer’s Mark  (7 minutes) You can reach it on Arte TV
  5. Breonna’s Garden. Augmented Reality App, 2021. Dir: Lady Pheønix. Production: yesUniverse. (15 minutes)
  6. The Choice VR. Interactive VR Documentary, 2021. Dir: Joanne Popinska. Produced by Infinite Frame Media (15 minutes)